Alconet is based at the port of Rotterdam

We have a depot with a surface of 40.000 m2, we’re working with all kind of sea containers.


Reefer containers

Alconet sells and rents reefer containers

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open top container

Open top containers

Open top containers of international excellence...

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Sales and rental of various types of gensets

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Tank containers

Alconet in- en verkoopt tankcontainers

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Sea containers

Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in alle soorten zeecontainers

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About Alconet BV

Alconet is a Rotterdam company and since 1997 engaged in the purchase and sale of all types of containers, refrigerated containers, reefer containers, open top containers, shipping containers, etc., and all of this worldwide! The equipment can be used in various industries, the obvious and most conceivable use is for the import and export industry. But in addition to this, our containers can also be used as a solution for warehousing and storage, as a mobile workshop or archiving container.

The advantage we have in our company is that we can deliver customized containers and we can come up with any conceivable solution when it comes to container business.